About Us...

Each year around Christmas, we find so many homes beautifully decorated for the holiday season all to see the tree topper crooked, leaning or falling down.  Solutions have greatly varied - most of which, have included a stick, some tape and some sort of tie down strap. The most unusual method we have encountered was a screwdriver stuck onto the top of a tree!  For many years we have wrestled with our own tree and several times the tree was nearly knocked over, trying to get the topper in the correct place and straight. It was also disappointing that the prettiest piece of the tree, and often times one of the heaviest pieces - and most expensive - was to go at the top of the tree where the tree is at its weakest point.


We have waited for the industry to solve this problem, we have seen many toppers come and go and several “sticks” which some manufacturers have created, but none have solved the problem of how to secure a bigger, unique topper and heavier topper to the weakest part of a Christmas tree. We decided to solve the problem ourselves and have created, what we call, our bracketing device and pole, Summit Arbor The Shepherd’s Staff. (U.S. Patent No. 9,833,099)   The pole is secured to the tree with straps that we provide. The pole, at one end, has a screw top; the bracketing device (which is secured to the topper) is then screwed onto the pole after the tree is in place. The Shepherd’s Staff™ is placed on the tree prior to the tree being set up. However, the topper could be placed on the tree at any time in the decorating process, since it is screwed onto the pole, but we have found it easiest to screw it on after everything else is in place.


We have tried to choose unique, beautiful pieces to adorn your Christmas tree, rather than the usual star, angel or Santa toppers that the industry has continued to offer year after year.


Our hope and goal are to bring to you and your family a beautiful, unique, and straight Christmas tree topper that you can enjoy for years to come.


May God bless you and your family always.


Summit Arbor LLC is under the patronage of St. Joseph.